About Us


Ms. Faggetti and Ms. McCarver bring a combined 40 years of experience to QualScript, LLC. They have witnessed the evolution of the medical transcription / speech recognition editing profession and have positioned themselves to be on the forefront in the future, thus possessing the ideal background for owning a medical transcription / speech recognition editing service. Ms. Faggetti and Ms. McCarver have each earned the highest recognition in their profession with Ms. McCarver holding the distinction of CMT (certified medical transcriptionist) and Ms. Faggetti obtaining the prestige of CMT as well as CHDS (certified healthcare documentation specialist) – each which signifies excellence within the medical transcription / speech recognition / healthcare IT arena.

Gayle H. Faggetti, CHDS, AHDI-F
,a graduate of Baptist School of Nursing and Allied Health, has owned and operated medical transcription and speech-recognition editing service companies since 1993.  Ms. Faggetti served as President of the Arkansas Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AADHI) for three consecutive years and strives to further her education in the field of healthcare documentation on a continual basis.  Most recently, Ms. Faggetti successfully completed and obtained the advanced credentialing of Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist from the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI).

With the demanding changes to our nation’s healthcare system as a whole and the challenges that come in tandem with those changes – it takes knowledge of not only medical transcription and speech recognition editing but the ability to network with key players within the industry to bring about the desired outcome of QualScript’s clients, to provide an exceptional method of patient record documentation and most importantly to alleviate the burden of documentation from the shoulders of the physicians so they can get back to what they do best – treating their patients!  Therefore, it is with both purpose and passion that Ms. Faggetti strives to bring excellence of service to every QualScript client by listening to their needs and developing partnerships that will ultimately produce the desired effect of document delivery and integration with each client’s electronic healthcare record (EHR) platform.

Pat McCarver, CMT: is a 1994 graduate of Baptist School of Nursing and Allied Health in Medical Transcription. Pat has worked as an independent contractor medical transcriptionist for several specialties including surgery, gastroenterology, family practice and physical therapy. She was Director of Quality Assurance for an MTSO from 1999-2005 before co-founding QualScript, LLC in 2006. She obtained Certified Medical Transcription (CMT) status in 2005 and has served as Vice President and Secretary for the Arkansas Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity.

Janette Willis, CMT: Janette has been employed at QualScript since June 2007. Having worked in healthcare industry over 20 years, with concentration in medical transcription, Janette brings her experience to QualScript with emphasis in quality assurance, document editing, management and distribution of work flow. With the support and encouragement of QualScript, she received her CMT in October, 2007. She is an active member of AHDI.

Shelly  Dolan: Shelly operated her own home-based medical transcription business for 10 years. After this, she continued her work in the healthcare industry with a rehabilitation facility as its Admissions Coordinator for 5 years. She has been with QualScript for 3 years with an emphasis on quality assurance and editing. Shelly is a 1992 graduate of UALR with a BS in Education.


* QualScript, LLC is an equal opportunity partnership between Gayle H. Faggetti and Pat L. McCarver.