Dictation methods vary depending on personal preference of the dictator at each facility. Whether you choose to dictate via telephone to a toll-free number issued strictly to your facility from QualScript, dictate to a hand-held recorder or opt to utilize the M*Modal mobile application – QualScript’s internet-based platform is compatible with all modes of dictation and will work to make YOU comfortable.

Partnering with QualScript’s ASP (M*Modal) and InterFix, LLC – QualScript has been able to offer state-of-the-art technology with regards to mobile application usage for its clients. Physician’s daily schedules are downloaded to their iPhones or iPads, physician clicks on appropriate patient, dictates and patient demographics and voice file are submitted in total for production. Final documents interface into the client’s respective EHRs, (created and managed by Interfix), removing the burden of the physician from having to “enter data.”

* QualScript, LLC is an equal opportunity partnership between Gayle H. Faggetti and Pat L. McCarver.