Marge F says: “QualScript delivers our reports in a timely manner. When occasional problems arise, they are always handled quickly and efficiently. The staff is very friendly while remaining professional. I would recommend QualScript to anyone.”

Sherri V. says: “Very professional. Communicates by email/phone right away with any questions/concerns. Very helpful with trouble-shooting. Walks you through the solution. Very patient. Very pleasant to talk to. Overall no complaints at all. I wish everyone you have to deal with on a day-to-day basis was as easy to work with.”

Jocelyn S. says: “QualScript has always provided us with excellent quality and prompt service. They are always so kind and helpful when I need their assistance. We love ’em!”

Julie S. says: “We appreciate the speedy and accurate response to our dictation needs that your company (QualScript) has given us. Any additions that need to be made to our user list have been met with prompt response. We never have to worry where a note is! If the system ever experiences a problem, we are notified and the problem is resolved quickly.”

Angie J. says: “QualScript, LLC is a superb service! They will work hard on your initial set-up taking the time to understand your workflow and dictation styles.  Very efficient, prompt, understanding, and all around great team of ladies to have worked with for the past 10+ years.  Highly recommend QualScript, LLC for your documentation needs.”


Linda G. says: “After more than 20 years as a transcriptionist, I found a company that really does appreciate my work! Since QualScript’s inception, it has been a pleasure to work for a group of people who are actually interested in each and every MT as an asset as well as an individual. Call the office — immediate response. Email the office — immediate response. Report in QA — knowledgeable and rapid feedback. All these qualities are hard to find in a transcription company, but QualScript delivers!”


Kelly D. says: “It has been, for nearly 10 years and continues to be, an exceptional experience to work for a female owned and operated company that maintains high expectations and standards with a strong work ethic to match my own. The women of QualScript support, foster confidence, offer guidance and spearhead continued learning on a daily basis in such a wonderful and inspiring way. Working remotely definitely has its challenges, building a team that works remotely must be even more so, and yet QualScript handles this seemingly with ease with a strong focus on communication which keeps one feeling a part of the team and having value. I consider myself very lucky to be a part of this team and look forward to logging on and working and learning every single time!”

* QualScript, LLC is an equal opportunity partnership between Gayle H. Faggetti and Pat L. McCarver.